Learn How To Build A Blog Step By Step

by Jamoza
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Here I am going to show you how to build a nice blog step by step. I’ll mainly be focusing on Blogger.com and WordPress.com. You can create a blog for free by visiting free or cheaper blog hosting websites. They suggest implementation of such features as design templates, changing colors, selecting pictures and font. If you plan on creating a simple non-complicated blog about your interests and hobbies a free blog hosting website is what you need.

Step 1. Choose a topic for your blog. Choose a certain subject and stick to it. It will be difficult to run a blog about everything. For example, instead of blogging about Honda cars, bring to focus automobile, or on internet tips just like what I am doing right now.

Step 2. Then you have to choose your host provider, the 2 most popular free blog hosting is blogger and WordPress. You can find them on blogger.com and WordPress.com. Please don’t be confused by WordPress.org and WordPress.com, I’ll tell you about the difference in the future.

Step 3. Register an account and follow the instructions. Choose a design template that will perfectly suit your website. The control panels in blogger and WordPress are very user friendly. Don’t be scared off, OK? Both of them do provide a huge range of default templates. Select the template that fits your blog’s topic. For example, choose a sports theme if you’re blogging about volleyball or tennis.

Step 4. Think of your blog’s name. As this is the first thing the visitors will see, their first impressions of your blog will depend on it. Therefore, I recommend you to come up with something interesting and original, something people will be attracted to, when looking at it.

Step 5. Your blog should be filled with content like articles, pictures, videos or links to other websites. One important thing is, if you are not the original creator of any articles or pictures you added to the blog, you must cite the person or website that is.

Well, it is just a brief guide on building a blog on your own, I’ll explain more about the difference between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org, advantages vs disadvantages of WordPress and blogger in the future.

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