How Important Is Website Design to Your Ecommerce Success?

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Your ecommerce website design is important to your overall success. Without good design, your customers could get bored with your business or simply find it too difficult to navigate. It is critical that you choose your features carefully, ensuring that you give your customers the very best shopping experience. Successful ecommerce website design includes providing your customers with a site that is user friendly and persuasive.


When your customers come to your site for their shopping needs, they should find your store easy to navigate. Again, if you are not giving visitors an easy way to shop, they will simply find another avenue to meet their needs. Ensure that customers are taken to your shopping page quickly and that your focus is on providing them with easy and effective navigation. If your site design is too complicated, you are likely to see fewer sales as your customers quickly lose interest and focus on your products or services.

Your Shopping Cycle

The shopping cycle is a critical aspect of your online business. You need to provide your customers with the ability to quickly navigate through your products or services, choose what they need and then instantly add that item to their shopping carts. Payment navigation should also be quick and easy. The reason that customers shop online is because they want convenience. If you are not giving them this convenience then they can easily find it elsewhere. Ensure that your site gives your customers the fast and easy shopping and payment experience that they want when they shop online.

Call to Action

A call to action is simply the phrase, paragraph or item that gets your customers to buy. You need a balanced call to action that gives your customers the product or service that they want along with the information that they need to convince them to buy. Ecommerce website design is critical, particularly when you consider your call to action. You want to be certain that your customers find no reason not to hit that “buy now” button. While you may want to include a compelling call to action statement, you also want to give your customers information that they need to convince them that what you are offering is exactly what they want or need.

So, to answer the question of “how important is your ecommerce website design?” the answer is a resounding – critical. If you do not provide your customers with a positive shopping experience, they are going to be shopping with your competition. Take the time to consider your design carefully. Choose a design company that can give you all of these important aspects, ensuring that your online business is successful.

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