How Do I Achieve Ecommerce Success?

by Jamoza
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There are certain things that you must do in order to ensure you achieve ecommerce success. Does the above scenario sound familiar..what about this one… Your getting no traffic or tons of traffic and no sales?

Why am I getting no sales and what can I do about it? Firstly, is your website getting traffic? Do you have the tools to effectively measure where this is coming from?

Traffic to your website can be measured simply and for free. Using Google Analytics will provide you with all of the information you need about how people are coming to your website, how they’re using it and how they’re not or why they are not.

Once you’ve established that people are visiting your website it’s important to regularly check how they’re using it and to improve your website in the areas that the analytics show are not performing well or people are dropping out before converting. I’ve been running for ages and have got lots of traffic but no sales. What are my options? Are you getting the right traffic? If you’re selling garden furniture and your visitors were looking for doll house furniture then these are not qualified visitors.

start an online business and be on your way to being a successful ecommerce entrepreneur.

You need to be attracting visitors who are interested in the products or services that you’re offering. Is your content geared towards your target audience? Take a look at your homepage. Does it speak clearly about your products and services? Does it use the key phrases that people looking for your website would enter into a search engine? Is it clear to navigate? Can I find products quickly and easily? You should start to think about the answers to these questions or get someone in to help you look at these issues before investing any more money into your ecommerce store.

Qualified traffic is landing on your site but still no sales. Is your marketing wrong? If you’re receiving qualified traffic then the likelihood is that your marketing campaign is doing its job. What you need to do is review what people are doing when they get to your site. Using your analytics package you need to understand how people are entering your site and where they’re exiting to really understand what’s going on.

Top Pages

To do this you should use the Content section and check Top Landing Pages and Top Exit pages. In case you see that a large percentage of the traffic is leaving your site at a particular page then you need to review that page and understand why it’s causing your visitors to leave. If they’re leaving the site from a product page you need to review this page and ask yourself the following questions: is the pricing competitive, does it provide the information that the visitor requires, does the “buy now” button work or is something else distracting them?

When the visitors are largely aborting at the cart page then look at the functionality of the cart, the breakdown of the order charges (products, VAT, shipping, gift wrap) to see if these are taking away from the aim of the game…completing a sale. If you’ve installed Google Analytics you’ll be able to set up goals within your account to monitor how people check out.

Set Up A Goal

A goal might be set up to measure the pages within your checkout. Analytics reports on the progress made by your customers through the tunnel and makes it easy to identify where problems exist in the process. Sometimes the problem is minor, sometimes major. If you review these and find there is a small or large problem, it’s still letting your customers down and wasting all the effort you put into web development of your ecommerce store and online marketing.

A website can’t simply be designed, built and then set out on the internet in the vain hope that you make some money – you need to be able to fully understand the user and how they use your store. Hopefully getting this right before you set your store up will help you achieve more ecommerce success or there will be some fixes to help you improve your ecommerce success.

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