5 Online Businesses You Can Start Today With Little Or No Capital

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Online businesses

If you have a laptop or a smartphone and an internet connection, then you have all you need to start your business. You can earn legitimate money online from wherever you may be without spending a dime. Look, instead of using the internet to try and spy on your ex on Instagram, threaten your ‘haters’ on facebook or trying to discover how many kids you will have on Buzzfeed quiz, you should do something more productive with that opportunity.

You know, my grandfather used to tell me that my great grandfather came to a certain town away from home to try and do some other business apart from farming. He had nothing to call his own, but he was fortunate enough to find someone who was willing to help him. The man asked my great grandfather if he needed any help. My great grandfather asked for only two things- one was an axe and the other was to be shown where the market was. After his request was granted, he headed towards the forest and began cutting woods.

He would then burn charcoal and bring it to the market to sell, and that’s how he made his life from someone who came to the town with nothing except the clothes he had on his body and the torn sandals on his feet, to the most respected person in the whole village. You too can change your life like that.

You see, today you have the tools you need and the market too. That’s more than enough opportunity. My great grandfather had to ask someone for a tool (the ax) and the way to the market. Today you have the tools. These are the computers (or the smartphone). You also have the market where you spend much of your time everyday without realizing. This market is the Instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest, wechat, google and all the other social media platforms where you spend your time. You can actually monetize this opportunity.

Instead of spending time on facebook telling your ‘haters’ to ‘f**k off’, you could be chatting with your customers and show them how good your service is, you could let your customers know about that new product that’s now available in your ecommerce store or that new life-changing article on your website.

After three months of research I came to understand that many people still do not know what a wonderful opportunity they have on the internet. It’s not because they don’t want money, in fact they want it badly, but they don’t know that they always play in the market where there is actually lots of money to earn. For this reason, I decided to share with you 5 businesses you can actually start today using the opportunity you already have. And believe me many people who already know this don’t want you to know it. Instead they want you to just keep reading about their stories on social media. But I have to share this with you. I believe in the saying that “Success is measured by what we can help others accomplish.” Let me share with you this priceless piece…

I spent days and sleepless nights for a couple of years sourcing the web, consulting other online money-making gurus and experts on the best businesses to start online without any investment and little or no skills. After all that I came up with a genius list of ideas that you can implement today and start earning money online. Others start earning in their first week or month, it all depends on your belief in yourself, decision making and dedication.

I will list only 5 today but it is really a long list of businesses that could earn you 5 to 6 figure income. Each one of these online businesses below can earn you at least $100 a day if not more. That is at least $3000 a month. That can take care of a lot of stuff at home. But if you put in more effort you can earn more than that up to even $10,000 per month.

1. Starting an online store/Ecommerce store

You can build an ecommerce store and start selling right away. Actually, in this business model you don’t need to worry about inventory or shipping. All that is done by the supplier. Here is a brief explanation of how it works:-

a) You list the products that you are interested in selling in your ecommerce website at your own price (manufacturers always sell at much less prices to allow entrepreneurs like you to make good profit).

b) When a customer decides to buy the product, they will place an order on your website and pay for it.

c) You will then forward their order to the manufacturer, who will then ship the order to the customer. You pay the manufacturer and keep your profit. You are in control here.

This means that you won’t need to worry about paying any rent, employees or shipping costs, and you’ll be working from anywhere-whether you are in your living room, bedroom or backyard.

I’ll share with you how to quickly launch your eCommerce store in my next blog post.

2. Blogging

There must be something that you are passionate about or have interest in. Whether it’s travelling, yoga, jogging, cooking etc. You can make money out of something you love doing. For instance, if you love and enjoy cooking you can start your own blog where you will be sharing your recipe for different kinds of food. You can also share about the cooking tools that you enjoy using. You should provide this information in a way that it will be engaging to those who will be reading your blog posts. I know now you might be thinking “Alright, but how am I going to make any money by doing that?” Don’t worry even I asked myself that a couple of years ago, but now everything is clear to me.

Well, this is how you use your blog posts to earn money. Your blog posts will contain links to other sites. Let’s say you are writing a post about the best frying pan you ever used and would love to recommend it to others. You are going to include a link in that post, this link if clicked by your reader, it will take them to the site where they will be able to purchase that frying pan. If they go ahead and purchase it through that link on your website, then you earn a commission. This is called Affiliate marketing.

You can also place a google AdSense code on your website and google will start showing ads in that area of your website and you get paid.
You can work with ad networks too whose banner ads you will be running on your website. When your visitors click on those banners you get paid. Isn’t that super easy? Well there are many more ways, these are just a few.
There are certain tips you need to bear in mind when writing a blog in order to profit from it:

  • Your information should be reliable, enjoyable and engaging. If the readers find the information to be boring or misleading, then no one will be interested in reading it. This may destroy their trust in you and you won’t like it when this happens. So be careful when writing.
  • Be genuine and trustworthy. Before you promote anything, you need to ask yourself this important question. “Can I recommend this product to my sister, brother or friend?” If your answer is “Yes” then go ahead but if not, then stop it and find another product that you would love to use yourself.
  • Be consistent. You need to post your articles on a regular basis. Your readers should know when to expect a new blog post on your website for them to read. Whether it is on a daily basis, after two days or maybe weekly. Consistency is a very important key to everything. I will share more on blogging in another blog post.

3. Online Video Sharing

YouTube is the most popular site in the world for video sharing. It has over a billion users watching hundreds of millions of videos everyday. Have you ever clicked to watch a YouTube video and before it starts, an ad video starts playing? Or sometimes you see the ad starts playing in the middle of your intended video? Surely you’ve seen that, probably even today.

Well, to start this type of business you will have to create a YouTube channel. This is where you will be uploading your videos for others to watch. In order to earn money from your channel, you’ll have to enable monetization on your YouTube channel settings. Now google AdSense will attach short ads on your videos. You will earn your ads revenue when your viewers click on those ads.

If your viewers are happy with the contents of your videos they will subscribe to your channel. If many people subscribe to your channel and you have a large enough following, companies will now seek to pay you to promote their products, just by mentioning their products or services in your videos. This is called paid sponsorship. Isn’t that great? Well I think it is.

But you need to ensure that your videos look professional. They should be good quality. This means that the videos should be clear both for viewing and audio too. Viewers don’t like to hear the sound of crying babies or any other unwanted noise in the background. Ensure there’s no unnecessary noise. You can use editing software like iMovie to help insert titles in the beginning of your videos and other necessary edits. Again here, your content must be true and reliable.

Don’t forget to share your videos on other social media accounts too, like your facebook page or Instagram. Just to let your followers know that you have released a new video that they may love to watch. You can make full time income just uploading nice videos on YouTube and focusing on growing your subscriber list.

4. Freelance Business

In freelance business you first need to identify what service you can offer that others need. For you to make that decision, I recommend that you visit sites like Fiverr, Upwork.com or any other  freelancers website. Look at the services that different freelancers offer and see if there a service that you too can offer. It could be writing of blog articles, web designing, creating ecommerce stores, designing logos, reviewing websites, offering influencer services etc. You won’t miss one that you can offer too. After finding out what you can offer as a freelancer, choose your niche. You can then signup to freelancer websites membership and list the types of services you offer with a description. Customers seeking such service will now be able to find you and contact you with their offers.

You can also opt to create your own website and offer your services from there. You may also decide to place banner ads on your site. This will be another income earner if your customers click on them. You will be able to contact your customers about your special offers. You can do this on a post or email to drive traffic to your website. Note that traffic is very important. They may click on other ads on your site and earn you some cash even if they don’t purchase your service. You can earn up to 6 figure income per year with freelance business.

5. Affiliate Marketing

I can tell you that this is online entrepreneurs’ favorite. It is my favorite too. So, what is Affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is recommending a product or service to your followers. You earn a commission when they purchase that product or service, or if they perform some other action on it.
Here’s how it works. Let’s say for example you run a blog about kitchen tools and you often talk about your favorite frying pan. You decide to partner with a company that produces that frying pan. The company will then provide you with a unique link to the frying pan with your special affiliate ID. You may then use that unique affiliate link on your blog. Every time someone clicks it, your ID will follow them for some time. If they decide to come back and buy the frying pan in that period, you will earn a commission.

You can seek to work with the company directly or you may decide to join affiliate networks. Many companies choose to advertise their products through affiliate networks. When you join an affiliate network, you will be provided with a variety of affiliate programs to choose from, which one you would like to join.

In affiliate marketing you don’t have to sell anything or to handle any customer. Your job is just to refer people to the product through your affiliate link and that’s it, job done! If the customer performs the intended action, then bingo! You earn your commission. You can share your affiliate link anywhere-on your blogs, social media pages, email campaigns etc, (make sure to read and understand the program’s policy before starting).

Some companies will pay you commission of up to 45%, 50% and even 100% for some time. That’s very good amount of money.

That’s my priceless piece for you today. Just so that you can start making good use of the opportunity you have today. Everyone has the potential to achieve anything in life. It’s just their thoughts and beliefs that are holding them back. Always remember that if you don’t believe that you have potential, you will never try to reach your potential. We must always make choices in life because only by making choices we learn the meaning of our mistakes.

You don’t need any capital to start your venture into these 5 business ideas. There are always challenges that you will need to overcome. You will need to stay up late in the nights writing blogs, reading them again and again and making corrections, reading other books with useful information to you, doing research and many others. You will overcome these challenges if you only know your purpose. Success is knowing your purpose in life and doing everything you can to leave your mark. When you think it’s too much and you are about to quit, just remember why started.
See you in my next priceless piece.

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